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Are you looking for Recruitment Agencies in Birmingham? JCS Personnel provide Recruitment Services to businesses across the West Midlands and beyond. We can supply staff for any Temporary, Contract or Permanent vacancy your business is seeking to recruit for. Our recruitment consultants have many years of experience and expertise in search and selection ensuring we deliver a swift response to your business when you need it most. Read below about some of the benefits JCS Personnel can offer YOUR business TODAY…

Database of local job seekers

Our job adverts reach a vast audience of Job Seekers throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands which gives us a constant flow of individuals seeking employment with a diverse range of skills from highly qualified technicians to unskilled workers. Our database is constantly updated with new people who could be the perfect match for your vacancy and ready to start today!

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Free Vacancy Advertising

Advertise your Vacancy across multiple local and national job-boards online and in local papers for free when you utilise JCS Personnel’s recruitment services to recruit for your position. Placing an advert in a paper can eat up an entire recruitment budget and generate hundreds of unwanted results. JCS remove that cost and the headache of filtering the applications.

Interview only the right people.

Utilising a good recruitment agency will help you separate the wheat from the chaff fast and ensure only the best candidates arrive at your door. With so many people looking for employment you can be flooded with applications, JCS Personnel can save your business hours in the search and selection process by filtering out the best…

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Production Staff to Meet Demand

Do you have fluctuating resource requirements created by production demands, seasonal work or peaks and troughs throughout the year? JSC Personnel can supply temporary staff ensuring you can hit the demands of your consumers while sticking to your budget overheads. Our flexible workers enable businesses, like yours, to expand and retract production without the worry of additional overheads or long-term contracts. Staffing levels can change daily in-line with your output requirements.

Managed Services

Do you have a large production environment with constant fluctuations in staff and a need for continual supervision of recruitment? If so JCS Personnel offer on-site dedicated recruitment services to manage temporary staffing levels which integrate directly into your businesses in-house teams keeping them resourced all year round.

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Temporary, Contract or Permanent Staff

A great way to ensure you have the best staff is to start with temporary workers and as your requirements stabilise these staff can be moved to longer term contracts or permanent employment. This maintains flexibility for your business and allows you to retain the best skills at the best rates keeping your overheads low and options open.

Round the Clock Recruitment

Shifts patterns are not a problem with recruitment services operating 24 hours a day, JCS Personnel understand that today’s production and retail environments work around the clock and we are on-hand to assist when you need us most. Call us anytime with your requirements.

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